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The Oasis Spa Manicure ~ approx. 60 min. $25.00
*A spa service for hands to resurface the skin using Papaya Green Tea effervescent soak, Papaya Green Tea Cuticle Revitalizer Oil, Mango Hand Peel, Grape seed Oil, Papaya Green Tea Environmental Protection Lotion and nails are shaped and  Forte' Nail Horsetail Strengthener and polish application.




Enhancement Removal Manicure 90 min $45.00

*A six step restoration treatment which includes the gentle removal of your enhancements, Hot Lavender cream soak, essential oil cuticle

pushback, lavender hand exfoliation, light reflexology and an
application of your favorite nail polish.



Express Manicure 20 mins $15.00
*A pint size version of our
Manicure, perfect for the woman on the go.

Includes mini maniucure and regular polish.




Gel Nail Enhancement

*Gel Nail Enhancements are a healthy, safe alternative to traditional acrylic enhancements. Gel Nail Enhancements are my flexable, yet stronger then acrylic enhancements, and are the #1 nail enhancement of European Women. Full Set $35.00 Fills 17.00


We proudly do not use a "drill" or Electric File "E-File" on your own natural nail.


Full Set Pink & White Sculptured Nails $45.00 Fills 23.00

Full Set Pink & White over a tip $35.00 Fills 17.00

Calcium Gel "Kapping" over natural nails only $35.00

 Fills $17.00

Prices include regular polish


Permanent French add $15.00

(guarenteed not to come off unless it is hand filed off)


French Polish add $5.00

Paraffin Dip add $5.00


We only use Haken, Star Nail, Cuccio Naturale', & Creative Nail Design.


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